Drug Name:Misoprostol Tablets
Product License Number:Guoyaozhunzi H20000668
Drug Description:Using sequentially and combining with Mifepristone can terminate early-pregnancy which is within 49 days after menolipsis.
Pharmaceutical ingredients
Active component of this product is Misoprostol
Chemical Name: (±) methyl 11α, 16-dihydroxy-16-methyl-9-oxoprost-13E-en-1-oate
Drug Specifications
Drug application
[Usage and dosage]
36-72 hours after administering the first Mifeprisone tablet, take 0.6mg (3 tablets) Misoprostol tablet on an empty stomach.
1.  When using for terminating early pregnancy, Misoprostol must used with Mifepristone together and can’t be used alone.
2.  When combining with Mifepristone, it should be used under the doctor’s instruction. It can only be used in the units that have the condition of emergency uterine curettage, transfusion and blood transfusion under the doctor’s supervision. This medicine can’t be sold over the counter.
3. Before administration, the patient should be informed the curative effect and adverse reactions perhaps caused in detail. The patient should stay and be observed in hospital for 4-6 hours after administration. During treat and follow-up period, the patient should receive medical treatment in time when finding mass bleeding or other abnormal condition.
4. After administration, generally, patients will appear a small quantity vaginal hemorrhage, part women will have a long time of vaginal hemorrhage. A few early pregnant women have nature abortion after taking mifepristone and they should also administer misoprostol tablet according to the regulation. After administration, about 80% women discharge villous placenta within 6 hours and about 10% women discharge villous placenta within one week.
5. Patients should be re-diagnosed in former hospital 8-15 days after administration. Ultrasonic or serum HCG examination should be taken if necessary. Proper measures should be adopted in time if incomplete abortion or ongoing pregnancy is confirmed.
6. If failed in termination of early pregnancy by the administration of misoprotol, it must be terminated by induced abortion.