Drug Name:Mifepristone Tablets(25mg)
Product License Number:Guo Yao Zhun Zi H10950003
Drug Description:A remedial measure for preventing unexpected pregnancy within 72 hours following unprotected sexual life (no contraceptive measure taken) or contraception failure (condom breakage or slippage, failure of the withdrawal method, calculation error of the safe period, etc.).
Pharmaceutical ingredients
Active Ingredient: Mifepristone
Chemical Name: 11β-[4-dimethylamino] phenyl-17β-hydroxy-17-(1-propynyl) estra-4, 9-dien-3- one)
Molecular Formula: C29H35NO2
Molecular Weight: 429.61
Drug Specifications
Drug application
[Dosage and Administration]
Take within 72 hours following unprotected sexual life or contraception failure. The earlier the drug is taken, the better pregnancy-preventing effect will be obtained. Take orally 25 mg(1 tablet) on an empty stomach or 2 hours after eating. Do not eat for 1-2 hours after taking the drug.
1.      Women to take this drug should have had at least one normal flow before the current cycle; the emergency contraceptive method may be employed only after the first unprotected sexual life in the current cycle.
2.      Unprotected sexual life is not allowed after use of this drug and prior to menstruation recovery in the current cycle. Effective contraceptive measures are required for sexual life again.
3.      This drug is for emergency contraception and does not have the function of abortion.
4.      This drug must not be used as a routine contraceptive taken after each sexual life or each month and may only be used as a remedial measure against contraception failure.
5.      If contraception using this drug as an emergency contraceptive fails, pregnancy termination is suggested.