Drug Name:Tibolone Tablets
Product License Number:Guoyaozhunzi H20020198
Drug Description:It is used for the menopause syndrome caused by natural menopause and operational menopause, such as hectic fever and sweating.
Pharmaceutical ingredients

Chemical name: 7α-methyl-17β-hydroxy-19-demethyl-17α-estra-5(10)-ene-20-ynyl-3-one

Molecular Formula: C21H28O2

Molecular Weight: 312.45

Drug Specifications
Drug application
[Usage and dosage]
The tablet should be swallow entirely, can’t be chewed. It preferred to be taken at the same time regularly daily, one tablet everyday. Normally, the symptom will lighten within several weeks. The best effect will be attained at least 3 months after administration. It is allowed to take the medicine for a long time under the doctor’s guidance according to this dose.
1.  It is forbidden to use as a contraceptive.
2.  Because this drug can restrain the ovulation, if the women take this medicine before menopause and have normal period, the normal period may be disturbed
3. If irregular vaginal bleeding occurs during administration or 1 month after administration, please consult the doctor.
4.  If using this medicine to replace other hormone replacement therapeutic drug, it is preferred to take progesterone to cause withdrawal bleeding first to avoid bleeding caused by thickened endometrium.
5.  Take a regular medical examination if administer steroid hormone for long time.
6.  Vaginal bleeding may occur in a few people and overdose of recommendation will lead to an increased rate of vaginal bleeding. So should also take progestogen regularly in case of overdose.
7. Stop the medicine immediately if the symptom of vein embolism, abnormity of liver function, biliary tract obstructive icterus appears.
8. The patient’s sensitivity to anticoagulant increase during taking the drug, because fiber unfreezing activity strengthens which cause an effect of the drug to enhance decoagulant.
9. The patients who have the following diseases should have a strict medical examination during the administration:
     1)      Kidney dysfunction, epilepsy, migraine, cranial nerve pain, or has the history of the above diseases.
    2)      Hyperlipemia
    3)      Glycometabolism abnormality
10. Take regular examinations regarding to breast, endometrial hyperplasia and androgenization characteristics which may occur.