Drug Name:Levonorgestrel Tablets(1.5mg)
Product License Number:Guoyaozhunzi H11021372
Drug Description:It is an OTC oral contraceptive.It is an emergency contraceptive for women. It is taken after intercourse without protection or with contraceptive failure.
Pharmaceutical ingredients
Each tablet contains 1.5mg of levonorgestrel and excipients such as starch, lactose, sucrose, dextrin, magnesium stearate and carboxymethyl starch sodium.
Drug Specifications
1.5 mg
Drug application
1.    It is an emergency contraceptives used for the failure of contraception, not used for inducing labor.
2.    An individual should not take it as regular contraceptives and should adopt the reliable contraceptive measures in the period from the administration to the next menstruation occurrence.
3.    Women who vomit within 2 hours after administration should take additional tablet immediately.
4.    Some women may experience early or delayed onset of next menses. If the next menstrual period is more than one week overdue, see the doctor to exclude the possibility of pregnancy
5.    Women who are allergic to this product are contraindicated. Women who have hypersensitiveness history should take it cautiously.
6.      It must not be used when its characteristics change.
7.      Keep out of reach of children.
8.  Women who take other medicines at the same time should consult doctor or pharmacist before taking this medicine.