Drug Name:Levonorgestrel(6mg) and Quinestrol(3mg)Tablets
Product License Number:Guoyaozhunzi H11021378
Drug Description:The product is effective to inhibition of ovulation and it is a long acting oral contraceptive for women.It is a film-coated tablet with white or almost white core.
Pharmaceutical ingredients
This product is a compound preparation. Each tablet contains 6 mg of Levonorgestrel and 3 mg of Quinestrol.
Drug Specifications

Each tablet contains 6 mg of Levonorgestrel and 3 mg of Quinestrol.

Drug application
[Usage and dosage]
1.     The initial administration should be taken after lunch on the fifth day of the menstrual cycle and take the second pill 20 days later. Or take a pill on the fifth and tenth day of menstrual cycle respectively. Then take a pill every month on the date of your second administration. Usually there will be withdrawal bleeding 6~12 days after the administration.
2.     The woman who is switching from the short acting oral contraceptive pill will take one long acting pill on the next day after finishing the 22 short acting pills. Afterwards, take one pill on the same date when you take the first long-acting pill in every month.
1.      It is a suitable contraceptive product for the couples who live together for a long time. Only one tablet is taken every month. However, the administration should be taken in accordance with the instructions given by the medical staff.
2.      It is a normal phenomenon that the menstruation will occur 10~15 days after initial administration and the first two menstruations become shorter than regular one. The menses will become normal since the third cycle.
3.      Some individuals will suffer vaginal bleeding because of insufficient estrogen in vivo. But the irregular vaginal bleeding can be cured by taking one Ethinylestradiol tablet (0.005~0.01mg) daily or under supervision of a physician.
4.      Take medical examination periodically during you take this medicine for contraception. Stop administration as soon as unusual results are found
5.      If you want to have a baby, stop taking this medicine and take other contraceptive measures for six months. Then it is safe for you to bear a baby.
6.      It is contraindicated in the patients with acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, renal insufficiency, tumor, hysteromyoma, lump in breast, diabetes, thrombotic diseases, cardiac disease, women in lactation, serious hypertension. It is not suitable for the patients with history of menoxenia or amenorrhea and patients who haven’t recovered normal menstruation after delivery or abortion .
7.     Smoking woman has a higher risk to have cardiovascular diseases such as apoplexy, myocardial infarction etc than non-smoking women. Therefore, the woman who take oral contraceptives should stop smoking or the smoking woman (especially over 35-40 years old) should not take contraceptives.
8.      Stop administration as soon as the following symptoms occur: suspected pregnancy, thrombo-embolism disease, disorder of vision, serious headache caused by unknown reason or migraine, hypertension, abnormal liver function, deprementia, ischemic heart disease etc.
9.      Take this medicine strictly following the instruction. If you miss pills you could suffer breakthrough bleeding or get pregnant.
10.   The recommended administration period is 3~5 years. After that the women should stop administration and be observed for several month. Those who pass the medical examinations can continue to take this drug.