Drug Name:Mifepristone Tablets (10mg)
Product License Number:Guoyaozhunzi H20010633
Drug Description:Pale yellow tablets, odorless and tasteless.It is an emergency contraceptive for women after sexual intercourse without protective measures, or with contraceptive failure (such as condom breakage or slippage, unsuccessful out-vagina ejaculation, wrong calculation on safe period, etc.) within 72 hours. It is a clinical remedial measure to prevent pregnancy.
Pharmaceutical ingredients
Active component is mifepristone
Chemical name
11β-[4-(N, N - Dimethylamino)-phenyl-17β-hydroxy-17α-(1-propynyl)-estra-4,9-dien-3-one
Molecular Formula: C29H35NO2

Molecular Weight: 429.61

Drug Specifications
Drug application

[Usage and dosage]
To be taken orally, within 72 hours after sexual intercourse without protection or with contraceptive failure. Take one Mifepristone tablet on an empty stomach or 2 hours after meal. Fasting for two hours after administration.

1. Those who have at least one normal menses before this period could take this medicine in this menstrual period.
2. Avoid sexual intercourse, or take effective contraceptive measures during the period from administration to the next menses, so as to prevent pregnancy after administration.
3. The next menses may be overdue after administering this product. If menses dose not occur one week after expectation, then medical examination should be taken in hospital in time.
4. Because the emergency contraceptive is a remedial measure, it cannot be used as a regular contraceptive for every sexual intercourse or used in every month, and it cannot be used frequently. Subjects should choose regular measures for contraception.
5. Emergency contraceptives can reduce 70-80% incidence of expected pregnancy, but there is failure rate to some extent. We suggest those who fail to prevent pregnancy after taking this medicine accept medical abortion to terminate pregnancy.
6. The dosage of mifepristone used as emergency contraceptives is not enough for medical abortion. Therefore only those who have taken high sensitive examination to exclude pregnancy can administer it.