Drug Name:Mifepristone Tablets (25mg)
Product License Number:No data
Drug Description:Mifepristone is an antagonist of progestogen on the receptor level. It can terminate pregnancy, anti-implantation, induce menstruation and stimulate the
Pharmaceutical ingredients

Active ingredient: Mifepristone

Chemical Name: 11β-[4-(N, N - Dimethylamino)-1-phenyl-17β-hydroxy-


Molecular Formula: C29H35NO2

Molecular Weight: 429.61


Drug Specifications
Drug application
[Usage and dosage]

The healthy early pregnant woman within 49 days’ menolipsis takes 1-2 Mifepristone tablets (25mg-50mg) orally on an empty stomach or 2 hours after taking food, twice daily for consecutive 2~3 days. The total dosage is 150mg. Fasting for hours after every administration. The patient takes take 600μg Misoprostol (3 tablets) or carboprost methylate suppository (1mg) in the posterior fornix of vagina on the morning of Day 3 or Day 4. The patient rests in bed for 2 hours and is observed in hospital for 6 hours. Pay attention to the bleeding, discharge of the product of conception and side effects after administration.

1.      Early pregnancy should not be more than 49 days after menolipsis. The earlier the pregnancy is, the better the effect will be.
2.      Mifepristone must be administered in hospital that emergent diagnosis, uterine curettage and transfusion are available. Mifepristone is forbidden to sell over the counter.
3.      Subjects ought to be informed about the drug effects and possible adverse effects before administration, and should be hospitalized timely in case of excessive bleeding or other abnormal phenomena during the treatment.
4.      It will be a limited vaginal bleeding soon after administration generally and only some patients will have a long period of bleeding after abortion. A few women can abort after administration of Mifepristone. About 80% of patients will discharge villi placenta within 6 hrs after combining with prostaglandin drugs; about 10% of patients will discharge pregnancy products within one week after administration.
5.     Patients should be re-diagnosed in former hospital 8-15 days after administration. Ultrasonic or serum HCG examination should be taken if necessary. Proper measures should be adopted in time if incomplete abortion or continual pregnancy is confirmed.

6.      If failed in termination of early pregnancy by the administration of Mifepristone, it must be terminated the pregnancy by induced abortion.